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Welcome to Safari Royal, Tanzania

Deep in the intriguing and alluring heart of one of Africa’s last remaining, great wildernesses, Safari Royal with Mike Angelides, offers hunting experiences in the nostalgic style of the true, original African safari.  Here, unforgettable, exclusive adventures afield await discerning hunters amidst the many treasures and rugged beauties of the vast miombo forests, complex and intricate ecosystems truly enticing to hunters who are keenly passionate about their pursuits in remote, grand, untamed places.  Wild woodlands where one can fully expect the unexpected and anticipate something different, memorable, and exciting potentially happening around each and every bend.  An immersion in remarkable solitude, where nature and the elements reign supreme, full of mystique and intrigue – a place where a hunter’s heart stirs easily.

Proffesional Hunterc client and his team tracking down the road

Safari Royal has a well-earned reputation for excellence, tailoring premium safaris to meet individual needs and high expectations, while hosting hunters in the most comfortable, authentic camps in the best concessions.  

Mike Angelides and his Tracker Swaleh

Operating exclusively in Tanzania,  we outfit superior travelers in the traditional style that East Africa is legendary for.  Our hunting camps graciously provide luxurious and timeless experiences characteristic of a true wilderness hunting safari, ensuring that luxury and comfort blend seamlessly with tradition and authenticity.

Our photographic safaris feature customized itineraries created to meet individual requirements and desires.  From modern to traditional, hotel or tented, and standard to off the beaten track, we earnestly strive to create the bespoke photo safari of a lifetime for you, whether it is an exclusive endeavour, or a few days’ adventure in addition to your hunt.  

Safari Royal is family-operated and proudly Tanzanian, specializing in personalizing safaris wherein all details, from start to finish, are dealt with directly by Mike and his wife Helen, who have extensive knowledge of and experience in the Tanzania hunting industry.  Mike, a second-generation professional hunter, became fully licensed in 1993 and has hunted exclusively in Tanzania ever since.  He is also very active in the hunting community and is dedicated to avidly advocating for responsible, respectful hunting and effective conservation through well-regulated, sustainable use.  Mike has served as Secretary General of T.P.H.A, T.A.H.O.A, and President of the African Professional Hunters Association; He is currently assistant Vice President of DSC.

Mess tent in camp for dining
A safari royal branded photographic car

Safari Royals’ motto of, “No clients, just friends”, is readily reflected in the exquisitely professional yet invitingly personal manner in which a safari of a lifetime or a lifetime of safaris is impeccably orchestrated, conducted, and fondly remembered by all.  Commitment combined with camaraderie and extensive knowledge to create indelible memories of days spent afield under glorious Tanzania skies, in true wilderness, savoring nostalgic hunting adventures, where only a select few are fortunate to experience going each year.  

Cape buffalo at suset in Lukwati game reserve
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