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Sport Fishing

Sports fishing has tremendous worldwide appeal, catching and releasing of a Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus tanzaniae) ranging in size from 1 to 28lbs. There are also other highly sort after species, such as the Yellowfish, Catfish, Bream.


The Majestic Rivers fishery is diverse and topographically, this river is a marvel. From braided streams to waterfalls to deep runs to sandy straights....the list goes on and on. From a fishing perspective, this is very exciting as you are never fishing the same type of water, over and over, every day is a new day with new water, new challenges and new potential. This is the place for a fisherman who loves a challenge and enjoys an adventure, every day the experience will be something different and exciting. 

There are over fifteen documented species of fish found in the rivers here, ranging from the Zambezi Parrotfish to one of the hardest fighting freshwater species there is, the Tanzanian Blue Tiger Fish. There are of course other species you might catch while targeting the above such as Tilapia and the African Mottled Eel that can grow up to a staggering weight of 20 kilograms.



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