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Campfire Kindlings

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a new feature on our website, wherein articles pertaining to conservation via hunting, the hunting safari experience, and related matters specific to Tanzania will be regularly posted, available in the dropdown menu of this page.

Welcome to CAMPFIRE KINDLINGS, written by my friend Karen Seginak.

Campfires are a very alluring, thought provoking, reflective aspect of any safari.  A time when we all gather round to watch the flames flicker and dance and to speak candidly and openly about issues important to us, to marvel at the wonder of it all and our humble place in the grand scheme of things, and to forge lifelong friendships, commitments and memories.  A primal and essential ritual that is timeless in its importance to us as a species, and to our connections with the elements, nature and our roles therein.  

We hope that just as how proper kindling functions to ignite and promote larger fires that illuminate the darkness, stimulate meaningful interactions and discourse between us, and provide an inviting circle for all to feel comfortable and inspired in, so too may these articles provide fuel for discussion and thought.  So, please pull up a seat, if you will, and welcome to the circle!  Thanks for joining in to help keep the fires burning, both literally and figuratively.  

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