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Wildlife is one of Tanzania’s most valuable, legendary, and renewable natural resources.  Hunting gives essential value to this wildlife and the wildlands that are required to support it.  Hunting clients contribute directly to habitat preservation and nature’s persistence on the landscape.  This is of utmost importance, as habitat loss is the number one threat to biodiversity globally.  And the loss of biodiversity via destruction of intact ecosystems negatively impacts humans as well as nature in any area.

Materials donated by Safari Royal Tanzania in order to build classrooms

2021 Donation of building Materials to build classrooms

Safari Royal is firmly committed to supporting the Government of Tanzania in its endeavours to protect the flora and fauna of this country for future generations.  The revenue generated via our hunting programs directly supports the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.  The value that hunting gives to these incomparably wild, ecologically invaluable areas permits them to remain wild, and prevents the land from being converted to other uses that would not prioritize wildlife.

Although legal hunting programs that translate into community benefits help to deter poaching and human encroachment activities as well, constant vigilance and surveillance is still required throughout the year.  Therefore, we also support and fund anti-poaching patrols, supplying the necessary fuel, food, and manpower to regularly patrol and maintain a crucial presence in our hunting areas.  

Safari Royal Tanzania Antipoaching cars

Tanzania’s wildlife conservation model depends largely upon the existence of government-owned hunting concessions that are leased and maintained by outfitters.  These significantly sizable areas provide more habitat than the national park system, and are mostly located in remote, rugged areas that are largely unsuitable for photo tourism. 

Poachers caught by the Safari Royal Tanzania anti poaching patrols
confiscated anti poaching equipment

Your hunting safari with us is not simply a hunt or a holiday, but a wise investment to help ensure that nature has a sustainable future in Tanzania.  A traditional safari experience that is a step back in time, of sorts, to help ensure that the present has a future.  

The proper management of our hunting concessions as responsible outfitters also includes a strong sense of corporate social responsibility to effectively contribute to rural community development.  We support villages that border our hunting concessions by funding development projects of their choice, such as the building of schools and medical facilities, providing solar powered electricity, and the drilling of water wells.  Hunting clients contribute directly, both through their safari and also voluntarily, if they desire, to these important community needs.  

We also strive to educate the local village residents on the value of wildlife.  Hunter-funded enrichment of communities via the legal, sustainable utilization of wildlife, enables residents to clearly see the importance of maintaining wildlife and its required habitat, and how such actions can contribute positively to their own lives and livelihoods.  Employing local residents and offering them job skill training also encourages their active participation in proper conservation that benefits their own families and communities, as well as the continuation of hunting.  Wildlife, when given such value, is then viewed as an asset, not something of zero merit, or, worse yet, as a liability to be eliminated.  

Tanzania is our home, and responsibly, respectfully conducting safaris in these remote hunting blocks is not just our profession, but is our passion as well.  Our goal is to not only provide you with an unparalleled, excellent hunting experience, but to also be good stewards of the land and a good neighbor to the communities.  To help keep vital watersheds and ecosystems intact and to contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity both directly and collaterally, via hunter-funded programs.  To give value to the land that supports so much more than simply the species of game that we hunt, and to help ensure that not just our generation, but future ones, as well, may benefit.  

We are proud to be supported by the Dallas Safari Club Foundation, and that support is only possible because of the generous members and donors of DSC and DSCF

We were very proud to be a part of this informative short film on the benefits of tourist hunting in Tanzania,
Hunters are the true Custodians of Wilderness.

Gua School Project

A slide show of our progress in building classrooms for one of our local villages

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