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Hunting Concessions

SRT Tanzania areas map 2023.jpg

West Tanzania

Safari Royal operates in Lukwati North Game Reserve and Piti West Game reserve, which encompasses of a total of 1086 Sq Miles of unparalleled East African wilderness. These remarkable concessions comprise of remote, vast, miombo woodlands, dynamic flood plains, rugged rocky outcrops, and mountain ranges that are well-watered by numerous springs and smaller rivers, both seasonal and permanent.  Varied, healthy ecosystems that support an impressive diversity of flora and fauna.  Large herds of buffalo are year-round residents, as well as roan, greater kudu, eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi, klipspringer, bushbuck, zebra, and duiker. Both the presence of these prey species and the vitality and diversity of habitats also supports and produces outstanding lions and leopards.  Hippos and crocodiles inhabit the waterways of this beautifully wild area as well.  Our areas are not only an exceptional place for game to inhabit, due to its assortment of landscapes, but it is also a treat for the hunter to hunt and explore, offering a multitude of possible experiences.  


With Safari Royal you can also hunt the Northern species in exclusive areas that produce outstanding lesser kudu and gerenuk as well as many of the other species found in Masailand such as fringe-eared Oryx, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle, white-bearded wildebeest, zebra, and ostrich. Later in the year we also offer fantastic Cape buffalo hunting. 

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Map of Tanzania hunting areas 

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